July 24, 2020

Welcome To My Website

When I first started out creating websites and graphics, I thought that in order to be successful I had to be a "business" with a "business name". I thought that if I sold myself as big, it would bring in more clients. I realized that's not the case and being a business was tough. Not only did I have to promote myself as the designer, I also had to promote my business. I had to do twice the work and spend time I could have used in better ways.

Today going forward, all my work will be conducted as myself and through this website. Nothing in regards to the level of quality, or services offered will change. What it does mean is that Vertical Hosts will now send you here, and that all my side hobbies found on Code Vertical will now be here as well. You'll have everything in one place, by the person behind it. Not some catchy business name.

While this means some extra work for me now in transferring and updating some content, in the long run it will be well worth it for everyone.

So welcome to my website, look around, feel free to download my CVS, send me a message, or even like my Facebook page.

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