November 6, 2020

Bang Keto Coffee Review

Is Bang Keto Coffee really Keto?

Back in January when I started on the Keto diet, I started looking for some things that were Keto friendly. I was already a fan of Bang energy drinks, so I figured the Bang Keto Coffee would be keto friendly... but is it really?

Bang Keto Coffee
Bang Keto Coffee Peanut Butter Chocolate

Keep in mind this was also before I really started focusing on the macro-nutrients of what I was taking in, and my only focus was on carb count. So from a nutrient standpoint, is Bang Keto Coffee really keto? The short answer is NO. Not only is the name misleading, but honestly the macro-nutrients don't work appropiately for a Keto diet.

You may think that just because something is low carb, it's automatically Keto or even Keto friendly. That's simply not true and not how our bodies process the nutrients. For a Keto dies to work, it need be like this: Low Carb, Moderate Protein, Low Sugar Alcohol, and Moderate Fat. Your Protein to Fat ratio should ideally be 1:2. That's 1 gram of protein for every 2 grams of fat. Take a look at the Peanut Butter Chocolate nutrients.

Bang Keto Coffee Peanut Butter Chocolate Nutrients
Bang Keto Coffee Peanut Butter Chocolate Nutrients

The fat to protein ratio on this flavor is 2:10. That's 2g Fat to 20g protein. That's not a good ratio for Keto.

6g of Carbs with 2g Fiber, for a total of 4 net carbs. Overall this isn't bad, but there's better options within the Bang Brand.

Here's Why It Matters

When you go low carb, your body immediately starts looking for other energy sources. If your protein intake is to high, it converts that to energy and doesn't use fat as the energy source. Same goes for Sugar Alcohol. Yes, sugar alcohols are deducted from net carbs up to a point and then they become the preferred energy source over fat.

Ideally for the Bang Keto Coffee to work, they would need to reformulate it to have 20g Fat and around 10g Protein with less than 5-6 carbs. The other option is for you to modify the nutrients by supplementing it with MCT oil, or something similar to a bulletproof creamer to at least get a 1:1 ratio on Fats and Protein.

For the person new to Keto, this energy drink is a potential path to failure and they won't even know why because most folks starting Keto for the first time don't have a clue what to watch out for other than Carbs.

In all honesty, the labeling is misleading and I believe it's nothing more than riding the current Keto wave. Seriously there's nothing really "Keto" about the Bang Keto Coffee.

Now with all this being said, there's plenty of other options by Bang that are Keto friendly.

Meltdown 1 Keto

I haven't personally tried it, but it has zero carbs, and zero protein. It has caffeine, electrolytes, and GoBHB Ketones in it. This would be good all around and to help with any potential Keto Flu. If you don't know what the Keto Flu is, go google it. In a nutshell, you get extremely dehydrated when you switch to ketosis which in turn makes you feel like poo. To offset this you need electrolytes and water.

Bang/Natural Bang Energy

Either of these are keto friendly also with zero carbs or protein. The regular Bang also has Creatine in it, while the Natural Bang has Arugula which is a natural nitrous oxide booster. You can read about the benefits of Arugula here: 15 Wondrous Health Benefits of Arugula For the Body


Bang Keto Coffee is not really Keto. It could be if they reformulated it. They need to be honest here and fix it, or stop labeling it as Keto.

Now with that being said.... it does taste good. I prefer the Peanut Butter Chocolate. So if you're not worried about the ratios or you're not doing Keto, it's a great energy drink option. Go try one and let me know your thoughts.

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